Hershel Strickland Award
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In 2008, the Ambassador of the Year Award was renamed the Hershel Strickland Award to honor the memory of contributions he made to all aspects of GMIS.  The award was initially established by Jack Humphries and the GMIS Board to recognize a GMIS member who recruits the most new members in a year, thus helping to make GMIS a great organization.

These nominations are accepted by sending a letter of recommendation to headquarters@gmis.org.

2019 - Denise Steffen, Forest Preserve District of Will County
2018 - Lee Micai, Mercer County Board of Social Services
2017 - Karen Knight, City of Douglasville, Georgia
2016 - Justin Heyman, Township of Franklin, New Jersey
2015 - Erin Williams, Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Nevada
2014 – Michael Leiker, Ellis County, Kansas
2013 - Karen Knight, City of Douglasville, Georgia
2012 - Rick Bareuther, Richland County, South Carolina
2011 - Connecticut State Chapter
2010 - New Jersey State Chapter
2008 - Elaine Isler, City of Mobile, Alabama
2007 - Marc Pfeiffer, New Jersey Division of Local Government Services
2006 - Matthew Wainwright, Rhode Island Chapter President
2004 - Michael D. Esolda, New Jersey Chapter President
2003 - Janet Claggett, Richland County, South Carolina
2002 - Elaine Olah, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2001 - Johnny A. Walton, Aiken County, South Carolina
2000 - Charles Downey, Atlanta, Georgia
1999 - Doug Taylor, City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama
1998 - Robert (Bob) Canney, Black Hawk County, Waterloo, Iowa
1990 - Jana Bagwell, City of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1989 - Frank W. Strausbaugh, Savannah, Georgia
1988 - Rovert (Bob) Canney, Black Hawk County, Waterloo, Iowa

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