GMIS Call to Volunteer
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Call to Volunteer

Dear Colleagues,


Welcome to another great year of GMIS Membership. The Board and its committees have been hard at work increasing member benefits, strengthening the value of our conference and finding ways to engage new IT professionals around the country. It is an honor to be able to lead this outstanding group over the next year! The great work and advancements in GMIS are not possible without the fantastic work of our committees and this is where you come in!

One of the greatest opportunities I had was serving on a GMIS committee and in later years on the board. The professional relationships and friendships coupled with the ability to help advance this community are both rewarding and challenging. I encourage you all to stop for a moment and think what you can do to help this community.

As we hit the ground running for this next year we are looking for volunteers to serve on the committees noted below. Take a look and see what you find interest in. Members are invited to serve on one or more committees as they have time. Typically our larger project committees meet monthly for an hour or so. Some of the more seasonal committees, such as our awards committee, will meet 4-6 times total closer to GMIS MEETS!

Please let me know by September 15th if you are interested in serving on a committee. Just complete this form or send me an email at and I will get you connected with the committee chair.


  1. Data Dive: This exciting benchmarking project needs volunteers to help market and ensure adoption of the platform by as many members as possible. The committee meets monthly and does require time spent in the interim to assist with outreach to GMIS members.

  2. GMIS MEETS Conference Committee: This team will assist in the planning for the August 2018 GMIS MEETS Conference in St. Louis, Missouri as well as working with our vendor partners to secure sponsors for the conference in conjunction with the Vendor Relations Committee.

  3. Marketing Committee: This team has recently completed an outline for a marketing plan to lead us through the next two years. They are now developing the timeline for execution and beginning to work the plan. Additionally, the committee is responsible for content curation for the various mediums used to communicate with our members (web site, GEM, social media, etc.)

  4. Accreditation Committee: This committee will continue to work and shape the GMIS Accreditation program. This projects goals center around creating a nationally recognized accreditation process for public sector IT organizations.

  5. Membership Committee: Volunteers on this committee will assist with membership growth and retention. This committee will be responsible for coordinating outreach to prospective as well as new members to ensure they become immediately engaged with all GMIS has to offer.

  6. Awards Committee. This team will review the award submissions and help select the recipients. This committee will be very active in the spring of 2018.

  7. International Relations Committee. This team will work to keep GMIS international relationships strong and explore ways to extend relationship with our international partnerships.

  8. Vendor Relations Committee. This team will work to build partnerships with the vendor community, assist in recruitment of sponsors and exhibitors for the annual conference and the Corporate Membership Program.

  9. Nominating Committee. This team will assist in the nomination and election processes for the GMIS Executive Board.

If you would like to help GMIS and serve on one of these committees, or wherever needed, please complete this form or send your email to TODAY!


Justin Heyman
President, GMIS International
Committee Volunteer Form

Thank you to our 2018 GMIS MEETS Sponsors

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