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Certified Government Chief Information Officer™ (CGCIO™) Program

Public sector CIOs and IT directors are facing increasing challenges and responsibilities in the era of new governance. As the lines between traditional functional services and departments begin to blur, the IT leadership is charged with 1) managing the constantly expanding role for IT within your government, 2) protecting your government against ever-increasing security threats, and 3) keeping up with the feverish pace of new technology.

The CGCIO™ Program is a twelve-month course that lays the foundation for assessing and addressing some of the most critical issues facing IT leadership in the public sector. The purpose of this program is to equip leaders with the requisite tools to manage and improve their organizational technology assets. During the course of the program, we will address major topics, including IT governance, project management, and risk assessment and management. Each broad topic will examine specific local government issues and draw on participant experience to provide both theoretical and practical applied knowledge to the challenges. Case studies, exercises and guest speakers will be included.

Here are some words from graduates of the program:

“The CGCIO Program is an exemplary opportunity for IT leaders to gain new knowledge and insight into public sector IT Leadership skills and practices” – Brian Kelley, CIO, Portage County OH
“During the CGCIO class I was presented the perfect complement of education, networking and top notch instruction in a small group. With knowledge derived from the program I have been better able to leverage the political capital I need to get funding for important projects.” – Matt Wainwright, CIO, Middletown, RI
“Getting my CGCIO diploma shows my passion for the field of technology along with my commitment to keeping my skill set sharp to my employer. The practical knowledge gained has assisted me every day since! Many thanks to GMIS and UNC for offering such an exceptional program!” – Lori-Ann Fox, Director of Information Technology, Town of South Kingstown, RI
“The CGCIO program is a “MUST” for any technology professional who needs help with the business side of managing a division or department. Truly valuable beyond its cost, the CGCIO program is the best investment I have made in myself since grad school.” - Bernadette Kucharczuk, Director of Information Technology, City of Atlantic City, NJ

We hope you will consider applying for this outstanding program.


Registration is now open for the GMIS CGCIO Class offered by the University of North Carolina School of Government. For complete program information and to submit your application click below.

Registration is also available for the CGCIO Class offeres by Rutgers University. For complete program information and to submit your application click below:


Scholarships are now being accepted for the GMIS CGCIO Class offered by the University of North Carolina School of Government.

To be eligible for a GMIS Scholarship, your organization must have

  • an active GMIS Membership;
  • your organization must have completed 70% of the 2019 GMIS Data Dive data entry by May 31, 2020;
  • you must have enrolled for the 2020 CGCIO Class with the University of North Carolina.

Scholarship submissions have closed for 2020, and will be opening again in March 2021.

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