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June 26, 2013


Q2, June 2013

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  1. Presidents Message
  2. GMIS 2013 Annual Conference
  3. GMIS and LOLA

Top Listserv Topics:

  • Fiber
  • Email Archiving
  • Question
  • VM Ware
  • Exchange (all)
  • Cloud Computing Fantacy
  • Emergency Notification
  • Vendors = Strategic Partners
  • Online training for IT
  • Virtualization/VDI
  • Loading Software on Desktops
  • Helpdesk Software
  • Credit Cards
  • Public Wireless
  • Email Access Restrictions for Non-exempt
  • IT Inventory Software
  • Audio Recording Meetings

Stockbridge Approves IT Partnership

In a move that is virtually guaranteed to have a huge impact on all aspects of life in Stockbridge, the City Council voted Monday night to enter into a partnership with an information technology (IT) company that is expected to result in unprecedented high-speed Internet access for the city’s schools, businesses and homes. Click here to read more.

Georgia GMIS Spring
2013 Conference Review

The Georgia Chapter of GMIS International wrapped up the Spring Conference with many Super Hero IT Professionals well fed in both mind and mouth!! Click here to read more and view photos from the event.

Illinois Springs into Summer

On Friday, May 17, GMIS Illinois held its "Spring into Summer" quarterly meeting in the Village of Downers Grove, Illinois and focused on "Improving Communication and Opening Doors." Click here to read more about the event.

Microsoft Webinar

GMIS, in partnership with Microsoft, is pleased to present a webinar on Sharepoint 2013. Click here to read more about the event.

Presidents Message

Live and In Person.

One of the greatest benefits we find in our GMIS organization is the ListServ.  I even overheard someone say last month that a lot of our membership didn’t know there was anything else besides the ListServ, or "The List” as they called it.  And what is the value of the ListServ?  What makes it great?  It is the ability for us to exchange ideas and solutions, to collaborate, to network.  Every one of us has seen the value of popping a question or concern out onto the ListServ and then watching the flood of useful information stream into our inbox. 

Now, what if you had the opportunity to experience the ListServ…Live and In Person?  And then, add to that the opportunity to network with your peers, to experience hands-on the latest technology in the market, to hear firsthand how some of your counterparts have solved the same issues you wrestle with? 

I’ll call it "ListServ Live.”

The annual educational conference is being held in Charlotte, NC on August 18-21, 2013 at the Westin Hotel.  This link will provide you the conference agenda and information about highlighted speakers:

This is not the "unplugged” version.  This is an opportunity to do the opposite – to get plugged in, to get connected with those you "virtually” already know. 

We have always said that the greatest value of GMIS is our members.  I encourage you to use this opportunity to add value to the overall conference by your attendance.  You know, it would also be fun to put a voice to the font and a face to the email address. 

The Board approved two conference registrations for each state chapter to award to those who would like to attend but may have budget restrictions.  It is our hope that the chapters that can afford to do so will also provide travel assistance to the recipients if needed. 

We have the opportunity for a great event.  We have great speakers, presentations, learning expos, vendor exhibits, and you!   I look forward to seeing you in Charlotte.  Let me tell you, if you think the ListServ is cool… you should see it Live and In Person!

Paul W. Ruth

Greetings GMIS members,

Brian Kelley here, this year’s conference director. I would like to extend an invitation to all of you to attend this year’s GMIS International Conference set for August 18-21 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our conference theme is "Racing Towards the Next IT Revolution” which brings together some of the greatest NASCAR and stock racing venues in the nation, Charlotte’s historic contribution to the Revolutionary War, and educational sessions on today’s "IT" challenges facing public sector IT professionals!

Our conference committee and headquarters team at CMP have been working diligently to put together a stellar conference with terrific educational sessions and networking opportunities with your GMIS friends and colleagues across the country as well as our international partners. We will of course take time out in the evenings to enjoy exciting attractions in the Charlotte area relax, have fun, spend time with old friends, and meet some new friends!

Our first full day of the conference on August 19th has a powerful line-up which will kick-off with a welcome from North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. Consultant, award-winning author, and management columnist, Paul Glen, will follow and give us new knowledge and insight into "Leading Geeks”. Charlotte CIO, Jeffrey Stovall, will then share the City of Charlotte’s IT experience with their recent hosting of the national democratic convention!

More info on the conference will be forthcoming and registration will open soon. Save-the-date and join your GMIS friends August 18-21 as we converge in Charlotte!

See you there!

Brian Kelley, CIO,CGIO
3rd Vice President and 2013 Conference Director
GMIS International


Dear GMIS International Members:

February 13, 2013 we received very good news from the International efforts of GMIS and LOLA (Linked Organization of Local Authorities), our International affiliation. Find out more at:; Association of Local Government Auditors LinkedIn; Lola Facebook; LOLA was officially approved by the courts in Belgium to become a legal entity (NPO - Non Profit Organization).

This means that LOLA (and as a result GMIS) will be able to conduct multi-national projects, apply for funding for projects, and become much more attractive to similar organizations to GMIS throughout the World!! Specifically we have been working on the Citadel Project that is an Open Data project that will facilitate information sharing amongst multinational Countries and States.

The GMIS International Conference next August 18-21, 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina will play host to LOLA and all our International Partners. We expect a very busy schedule for LOLA during the conference, but not too busy for each of our GMIS members to have time to spend with our International delegates!!!

The tremendous partnerships we have abroad afford each of us with the opportunity to learn from others around the world in how they meet the challenges facing their organizations as they (and we) tackle the difficult job of providing ICT (Information and Communications Technology) to our own communities.

Great work Hedwig on getting LOLA approved by the Courts, and to all who have worked so hard to make LOLA become a legal entity with greater capabilities to serve all our organizations!

We look forward to seeing everyone in Charlotte, NC in August, and GMIS members can expect to be joined by the largest contention of International Attendees ever!! As of May 16, 2013 we already have twenty attendee’s coming plus spouses, children, etc., and we’ve only received responses from half of our Sister organizations. I fully expect at least thirty International attendees plus guests will be in Charlotte!! We are truly GMIS INTERNATIONAL!!


Clark Rainer
International Director

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