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PA-GMIS is a state chapter of GMIS. Our Mission is helping our members address technical topics as well as Information Systems related issues directly related to state and local government in Pennsylvania by sharing ideas and knowledge among our members and through hosting conferences.

In order to carry out our mission we hold two state chapter meetings per year and you can attend the GMIS international conference as well. One PA-GMIS meeting is in the eastern part of the state and one is in the western part of the state in order to accommodate our members that are limited in their ability to travel but all are welcome to attend both since different topics are addressed at each. Key technical topics as well as other topics that can affect our state and local government are addressed.

We have had representatives from the CCAP, AOPC, Domestics, O.I.T, and various local government entities discuss key implementations that effect us all. We also have had speakers representing most major companies dealing with I.S. issues such as IBM, UNISYS, XEROX, PPT, AVAYA, DELL, Penn State, University of Pittsburgh, CITRIX, Geo Decisions and many others speak on current key technology topics.

We have teamed up with the CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit to host our PA-GMIS meetings. Several of our members over the years have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars from what they heard presented at our conferences. We had one member save his county over $1,000,000 from what he discovered at one of our conferences. Isn't that a great ROI based on the low membership cost of GMIS/PA-GMIS.  PA-GMIS dues are $25 and should be added to your GMIS international Dues which requires only one payment to GMIS international.

Since our membership is State and Local Government we all share a common Interest and the GMIS organization is a great way to network and learn from each other's accomplishments and mistakes. Network yearly with all the GMIS members internationally as well as twice a year with your State chapter members by attending the scheduled conferences and take advantage of the new GMIS web site to keep up on what our members are doing that could be advantages to your county. You can also easily contact any member through the membership list to find out more about a particular topic that they have posted on the web site. Networking is an important aspect of our IT profession and GMIS provides you with one of the largest State and Local Government IT groups around.

Thank you to our 2018 GMIS MEETS Sponsors

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