GMIS Accreditation Program®
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GMIS Accreditation Program® is a program designed to help organizations implement a standard level of best practices. The program is designed to provide a framework leveraging the IT industry's latest standards, and with a toolkit and support to help get through it regardless of the size of the organization or IT staff.

What does the GMIS Accreditation Program® cover?

The GMIS Accreditation Program® covers the following 5 Information Technology areas:

  • Security
  • Strategy
  • Governance
  • Operations
  • Continuous Improvement

If I decide to become accredited, what should I expect?

Once your accreditation begins, you will receive the prepackaged toolkit and plan.

The plan will outline the following path toward accreditation:

  • 1.Self Assessment
  • 2.Budget
  • 3.Execution
  • 4.Audit

The initial accreditation may be difficult and time consuming. While we do not set an official time limit, we prefer it to be completed within 3 years to keep your accreditation standards as current as possible.

We will work with your organization to achieve this goal.

Who is eligible?

All GMIS agency members are eligible to volunteer for accreditation. Even members that have smaller IT staffs, or must contract out IT work are eligible. The accreditation includes help to ensure your contractors and their work meet minimum industry standards.

Get Started with the GMIS Accreditation Program®

Click on the box below to purchase the GMIS Technology Assessment Program Preparation® (GMIS TAPP™). The GMIS TAPP™ is the first phase of the GMIS Accreditation Program® and includes the Accreditation Scorecard as well as supplemental materials to get your organization started on the path to accreditation.  The cost of the GMIS TAPPP™ is $750.00.  Purchase of the GMIS TAPP™ will enable your organization to receive access to the Accreditation Scorecard and supplemental materials for two years. The cost of the GMIS TAPP™ is applied to the final cost of the GMIS Accreditation Program®. Once payment has been received, GMIS Headquarters will send all the information you need to get started. 

Questions? Please contact us

The GMIS Accreditation Program® is still under development, however the GMIS TAPP™ is the first phase of the program and is complete.  The cost of the GMIS TAPP™ applies to the cost of the GMIS Accreditation Program® once complete.  If you are a GMIS member (or a public agency looking to become a GMIS member) and are interested in becoming Accredited, please email:

GMIS Accreditation Program® Materials

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GMIS Accreditation Program® Materials
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