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June President's Message

Wednesday, June 11, 2014   (0 Comments)
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If you focus on results, you will never change.

If you focus on change, you will get results.

                                                                                Jack Dixon


I love quotes.  I have collected many pages of them.  They are so succinct and yet profound.  This particular quote is one of my favorites.  To master focus is to master success.  Whether in sports, in our careers, or in our personal lives.  But when we do not focus on the right things, we can sabotage ourselves.


When people  who want to lose weight focus on losing twenty pounds, their misplaced focus on results means they will probably never get there.  But if those people focus on what they are going to change in their diet and exercise routine, they do not even need to worry about losing those twenty pounds.  Those twenty pounds will be gone.  The desired results will happen when the focus is on change. 


GMIS members are IT leaders.  We love to talk about change.  We love to think of ourselves as transformation catalysts in our organizations.  Sometimes we even smirk at our customers who are resistant to change.  And yet, we usually want to be the ones initiating the changes.  We are not usually too excited when other people are thrusting change upon us.  Maybe we are just a tad hypocritical.  But that is okay.  In spite of rumors to the contrary, we too are just normal human beings who can be resistant to change.  I am not trying to say that all change is good.  Some changes are genuinely destructive.  But when change just means extending ourselves outside our comfort zone and accept new ideas and new procedures, change can result in major professional and personal development.  Change can be one of our most powerful tools for positive growth.


So how do we lessen the pain of changes thrust upon us?  Or the pain of changes we know we need to make but don’t really want to?  You know.  Eat more veggies.  Forsake soda.  Spend an hour each day studying best practices, public speaking, IT budgeting, writing policy manuals, drafting job descriptions, ensuring endpoint security, etc.  The way to lessen the pain is to leverage GMIS!  Every time I look at the daily emails in our GMIS listserv, I am witnessing change in real time.  Some GMIS members are trying to change.  Some GMIS members are trying to survive changes being thrust upon them.  And thankfully, we have GMIS members trying to help their peers go through those changes successfully.  The GMIS listserv is like a healthy living organism. 


If we focus on change, the best change, we will get our desired results.  And if we use the power of GMIS to help us focus on the best change … well, let me end with another quote.


And will you succeed?  Yes indeed, yes indeed! 


Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!


                                                                Dr. Seuss

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