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GMIS in His Own Words: A Testimonial from Robert McQueen, CIO of Princeton, New Jersey

Tuesday, April 15, 2014   (0 Comments)
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GMIS in His Own Words: A Testimonial from Robert McQueen, CIO of Princeton, New Jersey
When you work in technology within the government sector, there are numerous challenges that arise on a daily basis. I can remember when I started over 16 years ago, my IT director at the time really took me under his wing and was a great mentor. One of the things that I remember most was when I had a problem and needed help, he would not give me an immediate answer. He taught me to use all my resources and come up with a game plan. Then, I could go to him with my findings, and he would provide guidance. This independent approach of critical thinking has been incredibly valuable during my tenure as an IT Director and CIO. 

Within a couple years, my mentor was retiring and I was now interviewing for his position. I can remember thinking ... am I good enough? Do I have enough knowledge to be in charge of a technology department for our municipality? This is when I found GMIS. I didn't want to be out on a limb all by myself, so I started looking for organizations that could provide me with support. Throughout the years, I have reached out to fellow GMIS colleagues for advice, and have always received constructive feedback with some possible solutions. This advice comes with no expectations. Just colleagues, who have experienced similar situations and are willing to share their experiences. I have learned many valuable lessons from my peers at GMIS. Sharing ideas and experiences has contributed to my success.  

You can receive the same reassurance that I have found over the years by joining GMIS. By attending the annual conference and participating in webinars throughout the year, you will have great opportunities to connect with other technology professionals and learn from the numerous educational sessions offered. GMIS has a long-standing relationships with various technological vendors that can provide assistance with potential project development and implementation.  

I look forward to connecting with you in Savannah!

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