GMIS Outstanding Professional Award
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GMIS Outstanding Professional Award (GMISOPA) 


Award Application


Letter of Nomination
Write a letter to the GMISOPA Selection committee that includes a brief paragraph on each of the following items:
1. Statement of why applicant deserves the GMISOPA
2. Major project(s) and accomplishments
3. Other work related activities
4. Education and experience
5. Work related honors, awards, and recognitions
6. Outside community activities
7. Outside honors, awards, and recognitions

Return the Letter of Nomination via email to or mail to:

GMIS International
PO Box 27923
Austin, TX 78755

The GMISOPA recipient will be named by July 14th. The recipient will have conference expenses (hotel, airfare and conference registration fee) paid by GMIS International for a trip to the GMIS Annual Conference!


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